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car hire newark airport

the riverside man supplied the weapons used in that terrorist killing attack earlier this month. sharon: well, today is

car hire newark airport

car hire newark airport, expected to be one of the busiest travel days at lax. and there are already big crowds this morning.

cbs 2 jasmine viel is live at the airport with what you can expect. jasmine. well, sharon, the good news no major delays to report right now on the busiest travel week of the year. although major problems

already has been traffic. a lot of it is being taken down to the lower level to ease congestion just to make sure everyone gets to their flight on time. one after another flights from around the world arrived and took off at what travel

companies are saying the busiest airport in the u.s. for the holidays. i thought it would be jfk or laguardia. no. it's lax. a record 3.5 million travelers are expected to pass through the airport this month through

the new year. all under the watchful eye of extra police officers and security that's been enhanced ever since the paris terror attacks. oh, it's insane. i'm not excited to do security, but i'm going to

have to weather it. the increase in passengers is attributed to lower airfares and larger planes with more seats. it's a madhouse out there. today is one of the busiest. from the 91,000 vehicles

arriving to the upper and lower levels, to the more than 200,000 passengers. like ernesto learned the hard way about packing too much. they charge me $100 for two pounds. so what are you trying to do right now?

this is -- trash. throwing stuff away? yeah. but others thrilled to be headed home or some place former for the holidays. we're from minnesota, and we're headed to maui.

merry christmas. try to take public transportation if you can or a shuttle and that said arrive two hours if you're flying domestically, three hours internationally and of course, sharon, we've been talking about this all morning, do not

wrap any gifts as they have to pass through security screening. yeah, you don't want to be

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