Kamis, 05 Oktober 2017

car hire supermarket

traffic is backed up. drivers heading that way are urged to take their time. the strong winds that ripped through our area overnight

car hire supermarket

car hire supermarket, caused some significant damage -- and they left thousands of people in the dark for a while.

crews have been out working to repair wires that were taken down -- and as news 4's katie alexander shows us - there's a lot of clean up to do in places like batavia today. ((re8912/8:39:20 we've seen some sure signs of strong gusts around batavia. a lot of

branches down in people's yards. some this size. some even bigger than this. but this over here - this is what's getting people's attention today. a lot of people have been stopping by to take pictures of this gas station canopy toppled by the wind. 8:39:37))

((re8897/7:37:13 i just heard a boom sound. but i'd seen the wind was wiggling, i was hoping station canopy toppled by the wind. 8:39:37)) nothing was going to happen. but i was turned around, i heard some noises, and turned around 7:37:24))

and this is what the owner of this sunoco on main street saw in the light of day -- it looks like the center support beam broke at the base -- sending the canopy over sideways onto a pump. it was around 7:30 last night -- and there was one customer inside the store at

that point -- but fortunately no one was outside at the pumps. unfortunately - it could be some time before any one can pump their gas here again. ((7:37:41 i called the people the people who fix the pumps last night, i contacted them, and they say they're going to

come and look at it. they probably came already. i left around 10 o'clock from here. ---reporter question: probably going to be a while though before this is fixed?--- i would say so. who knows, you know. 7:37:56)) the owner here says he's hopeful he

can still keep his store open for customers while he waits for the canopy and pump to be fixed. when he arrived this morning -- the power was on here. others around the area weren't so lucky. hundreds of national grid customers in genesee county have

had to wait for their power to be restored after the wind took down power lines overnight. ((8:39:49 we want to know what you've been seeing after those strong winds tore through our area. please send us your pictures on twitter at @news4buffalo or send them by

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