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car hire new orleans

given the green light to operate in the city of new orleans. wdsu news reporter travers mackel has covered this story for almost a year

car hire new orleans

car hire new orleans, and has more on who's calling uber a "cyber terrorist organization." ...

with a sense the city council had the votes necessary to pass legislation allowing uber and other app based car service providers into new orleans - cab company owners came out swinging. uber is a cyber space technology terrorist

organization, it cannot be managed. but the council disagreed, and voted 4-to-3 to allow that company and others to operate here. uber could be up and running in days and riders will have to pay a $15 minimum fare to use the service.

we are disappointed with the choice to implement a minimum fare that puts us with the higher end markets in the country but this is a step in the right direction. it will allow for a service that's already being used around the country and around the

globe. and it's an about face for the landrieu administration - last year we broke the story into how the city's taxi cab bureau sent uber a cease and desist letter, threatening arrest if it opened up show here. former

taxi cab bureau chief malachi hull was sent that letter - he was later fired and now the administration is onboard. it is a great step in the right direction. three council members - james gray, nadine ramsey and susan guidry - voted against the

measure ... it's not gonna be good for the citizens. i think we are letting ourselves into a world of hurt here. they cannot be managed and they defy all laws and they just say sue me. i think the people of new

orleans want alterntives and that competition will only heighten services. ... standard. council members stacy head, jason williams, jared brossett and latoya cantrell voted in favor of today's measure.

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