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sports car hire uk

okay, i'm joined now by richard biddulph and richard has quite an amazing and stunning collection of cars here today richard can you tell us just a littlebit about this bentley that we've got here here behind us well it's a 'blue train' made byracing green done in wales

sports car hire uk

sports car hire uk, it's an exact (i say exact) it's a very close, in fact similar to the original blue train which is worth a king's ransom if you don't happen have a king's ransom, you can come up with a quarter of a king's ransom and buy one of these a quarter of a king's ransom being, roughly?

350, 380 somewhere in that region it's an r-type chassis, rebuilt and stripped every nut and bolt as new we've inserted a v80 engine, 6.8 litres, with four carburettors and any man with red bloodin his veins, is gonna wanna drive it and any mother that sees it coming down the road, is gonna lock her daughters up simple as that (laughs) so richard tell us a little about yourself as well, you started vintage cars i hear 8 years ago

yeah, i've been doing this for 8 years. we're one of the bigger pre-war classic car dealers in the uk and europe for that matter we sell about 200 cars a year. we try and sort of bring something for everything onto our stands, so we got some e-types, some pre-war stuff we got a silver ghost for the retired colonels we got this for the red-blooded males and we just try and have a good variety of stuff with all top qualitythank you very much for talking to us today, we wish you well with the show great to be on men and motors, what a pleasure thank you very much

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sixt car hire uk

life tends to be more fun with the setof wheels literally one from them you led the effort hospital tickets inhand he bought the plane to board another plane you reach your destination directly towards a current accompaniedby simply following the signs of the

sixt car hire uk

sixt car hire uk, airport now through curator saidyourself the headache which means you can skip the line and hit record storescarry chose now the cool thing is you can pick between which making molewithin a scary drive do you feel like driving a jeep dodge the choices are thekeys in the ignition and the car is

ready now gps it is ordered one and head down thehighway final word of advice remember to choosea college kid your knee and you're driving down the highway american sports car or perhaps citymileage and enjoy the extra legroom the prius here could be a bother enjoy theroad drive safe and remember that all

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one way car hire uk

so you've book your holiday you know you're gonna go, you're dreading there isn't horrible building work going on next door a bit like where were filming right now but the key question everyone asks mewhat is the cheapest way to spend when i go?

one way car hire uk

one way car hire uk, my first option and the best option of the lot is to get yourself a specialist overseas credit card let me explain first of all how all plastic works when you're overseas, whether its debit or credit. you spend on it and and they add a hidden load

usually at 3%, the exchange rate they get. so that means if you spend 100 pounds worth of euros you'll be charged 103 pounds and it gets worse to in some cases you'll be charged for withdrawing cash, on credit cards you'll pay interest even if you clear the card in full on those cash withdraws. and on some, what i call the "debit cards from hell" lloyds, natwest, santander, rbs, halifax, they charge you an additional fee everytime you spend.

up to one pound fifty. but the savior here is the specialist credit cards, because they on load free worldwide and there's a range of them, so that means you spend 100 pounds worth of euros and it costs you 100 pounds now they will still have atm charges of various amounts although they tend to be lower which means you're better to spend onthe card than to withdraw cash and to spend that but overall this is the cheapest way to spend.

it works in every country, your gettingperfect rates everywhere. of course you need to set up a directdebit to repay the card in full! every month or you're going to be charged interest which makes it not worth it but in general that's the cheapest wayto go. i know some of you out there will be going "aren't there any debit cards that do this?" well the only one remaining as i film is the norwich and peterborough current account. but do you really want to switch your current account just to get cheap spending abroad? there are many better perks on current accounts

and you can just apply for a creditcard anytime willy nilly and do what i do. i have an overseas wallet, it sits in there i never spend on it in the uk because itdoesn't give me any advantage here but when i go away, wey hey hey!!!! tip two, if you actually want a bit of cashin your pocket how do you get it? the worst thing to do, the great sin when it comes to money overseas is to get your money at the airport. they know you're captive customer they give you worse rates if you've left it that late and you do need to get your foreign exchange from the airport

at the very least pre order it for airport pick up and you get a better rate. but the best thing to do is compare! ignore spiel like commission-free because often commission-free yes, but worst exchange rates. you just simply want to know, i want to change 500 pounds to euros how many euros will you give me after all charges, and compare like that. you can do this online in seconds, comparing online bureau at when you go abroad you use your card in a bank or in a shop and it offers to let you pay in pounds rather than in euros or dollars

the simple rule of thumb is always pay in the local currency that way your card is doing theconversion rather than the shop or the bank because generally when you allowthe shop or the bank's convert you get a very very poor rate. this is especially true if you've got one of those specialist credit cards i mentioned earlier. the're giving you perfect rates, guaranteed the overseas bank or shop is not giving you a perfect rate so if you choose to press pay in pounds it's doing the conversion for you, you're losing out.

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long term car hire uk

[whoosh] here at consumerreports, car reliability is just as importantas our testing. even if a car doeswell on our road test, we won't recommend itunless it's reliable.

long term car hire uk

long term car hire uk, that's why we surveyour subscribers to find out about theirexperiences with their cars. our 2015 annual surveyprovided a detailed look at more than 740,000 vehicles.

and when we crunchedall that data, lexus and toyota camein first and second as the most reliable brandsfor the second year in a row. audi continued its impressiverun of continuous improvement, finishing number threeamong all brands. you may also want toconsider a subaru, kia, or mazda, all of which scoredbetter than honda in the brand rankings. both honda and itsacura luxury brand

suffered in this year's survey. honda models with thenew continuously variable transmissions or cvtswere troublesome. acura was hit witha double whammy. it experienced problems withthe eight-speed dual clutch and nine-speedautomatic transmissions in newer vehicles, as well asheadaches with its acuralink infotainment system. similarly, both nissan andinfiniti, its luxury division,

had models plaguedwith problems. nissan uses cvts inmost of their vehicles, but the new one in someredesigned products have been particularlytroublesome. infiniti continues toexperience woes with its intouch but what about domestic brands? once again, thanks to itsoverall good reliability, buick ranks among the top 10. but the good news endsthere for the big three.

the rest of the domesticsfinished in the bottom half of the rankings. while ford movedup in the standings among the worstperformers, it continues to have issues with its powershift six-speed automatic. general motors fared even worse. gmc, chevrolet, and cadillacoccupy the bottom one third of our manufacturer rankings. cadillac's cueinfotainment system

continues to beparticularly troublesome. at fiat chrysler automobiles,the struggles continue. it produced five ofthe worst seven brands, with ram, jeep, andfiat the bottom three among our subscribers. in fact, no fiat,jeep, or ram model even managed an average score. the biggest headachefor fiat chrysler came from transmission problems.

jeeps with the newnine-speed automatic and both dodge and fiat vehiclesusing the six-speed dual clutch automatics had lowreliability scores. outside of audi, the europeanmanufacturers were a mixed bag. mini, bmw, volkswagen,and porsche finished in the middle onethird, ahead of the domestics. but mercedes benzstruggled, coming in just ahead of the problematicfiat chrysler brands. as for tesla, wereceived 1,400 responses

from model s owners whotold us their cars aren't very reliable. with that news, the electriccar company dropped from average to below average. for more details from the 2015annual auto survey check out

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cheap car hire switzerland

the rear seats have been removed the platform is 150cm long and 120cm wide cooking equipment and food is carried under the platform the food is stored in plastic boxes. the boxes slide under the platform

cheap car hire switzerland

cheap car hire switzerland, the bed extension is stored under the platform the platform is in two parts with a joining piece the platform is joined with aluminium strips and bolts front seats slid forward with bed extension, bed is 185cm long

pictures of the construction can be seen on thesmall motorhome camping website the link is the link is in the information below this video the awning is an outdoor revolution outhouse handi join us at the small motorhome camping forum happy camping all

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car rental zurich airport switzerland

today i'm going to take you guys to thecreepiest place in switzerland the hr giger museum luckily my mom decided tojoin me on this adventure since gruyeres is nowhere near an airport we had to rent a car in geneva mom: mini cooper? my favorite car! so i start the engine like that, let's get some music in this son of a b****

car rental zurich airport switzerland

car rental zurich airport switzerland, the road trip was 1 hour and 20 minutes.we decided to have a quick pit stop in lausanne. which has probably the mostgorgeous waterfront in switzerland. after our coffee break in lausanne wedrove through montreux to visit chilon castle. which you can watch in my previousepisode.

as you can see it's almost swiss national day so the whole castle has been decorated with swiss flags. our last pit stop was in broc, where wevisited the famous swiss chocolate factory, cailler. to stack up on odd flavored chocolate bars. one of the oldest and luxury brands of chocolate in switzerland. i have never seen it so busy at a tourist attraction, people must lovetheir chocolate. oh my god, that is some good chocolate! all hell broke loose before we even entered gruyeres. we were faced with heavyrainstorms while climbing the steep stairways towards the tiny medievalvillage. so we made it to gruyeres, it was a

disaster to get up here we just surviveda major thunderstorm. now you may have heard of gruyeres for its popular swiss cheese but i specifically came here to watch the entire art collection of hrgiger, a swiss surrealist painter and brilliant artist who designed theoriginal deep space creature for one of my favorite movies of all time: alien which was released in 1979 and directed by ridley scott. his art can be best described as bio-mechanical and features one of the creepiest and most disturbingworks i've ever seen in my entire life if you're not familiar with hr giger's work, go watch the entire alien franchise

including my favorites; alien, aliens, alien3 and prometheus. admission to the hr giger museum is 12.50 swiss francs, next to the giger museum you will find the giger bar which wasalso fully designed by hr giger. check out these chairs, amazing design. this guy was a true artist. unbelievable! it has been my wish for many years to visit this place and finally i made this dream come true. if you're ever in switzerland it'sdefinitely worth the road trip. we ended our switzerland adventure in basel where my mom and i parted ways and i headed to paris for another adventure butbefore i do here are some of my final facts about switzerland. first: the swisshave the longest life expectancy in the

world after japan which is quiteinteresting because second the swiss eat more chocolate has been any other nation in the world 11.3 kilograms per year. now if you're also planning a trip to the hr giger museum than head over to my website for insider tips on how to get to gruyeres, since the place is very hard to getto. our last beer in basel... thanks mom. mom: goodbye son.

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just like everyone else, stars have skeletonsin their closets. and when you're young and struggling, it can be hard to make ends meetunless you pursue someĆ¢€¦extra-legal means. here's a list of some celebs who have solddrugs. but don't judge too harshly. idris elba in 2013, elba told gq magazine that he usedto push bags of weed while working as a doorman

car dealerships hiring near me
car dealerships hiring near me, at caroline's in new york city. he was ableto draw from his experience while portraying the drug dealer stringer bell on hbo's thewire. now that's method acting. 50 cent growing up in queens, 50 cent began sellingcrack and cocaine at the age of 12. he got
busted several times, but it wasn't untilhe sold cocaine to an undercover cop in 1994 that he faced serious jail timeĆ¢€”three tonine years. instead of prison, he went to a boot camp where he earned his ged. thatput him on the path to becoming one of the most successful rappers of all time. but notone of the best pitchers. "and his first pitch was not great. just abit outside." kid rock according to rolling stone, the rocker occasionallysold drugs as a teenager. but according to other sources, a gang in his michigan hometownforced him to do so out of the car wash where he worked. either way, his passion in lifewas always music, and he managed to get away
from dealing. jay z rapper jay z, who grew up in marcy projects,brooklyn, began dealing drugs to make ends meet after his father walked out on him andhis mother. it was during that time dealing that jay z learned the entrepreneurial skillshe still uses today as a club owner, clothing manufacturer, and sports agent. snoop dogg with what we know about snoop dogg's relationshipwith marijuana, it'd be more surprising to find out that he never sold drugs. but snoopdid he was attending long beach polytechnic
high school. he even had some celebrity clientele. "but i remember him. he was very tall andskinny, wore lots of ponytails on his head, and i'm pretty sure i bought weed off of him." "yeah!" when asked about it during his appearanceon lopez tonight, snoop dogg said: "i might have sold her some of that whitegirl weed." "what's that? what's white girl weed?" "you know, sticks and stems and seeds." "like medical oregano?"
tim allen tim allen began selling drugs during collegeand continued to do so until his arrest for bringing about a pound-and-a-half of cocaineinto the kalamazoo/battle creek airport in october 1978. allen's trial was set for thatfollowing november, and it was during that one-month waiting period that allen decidedto give comedy a try, debuting at the detroit comedy castle. allen wound up serving a littleover two years in federal prison, and upon his release, he went full-tilt into comedy. notorious b.i.g. biggie smalls began selling drugs at the ageof 12, and dropped out of school at 17 to
pursue crime full-time. at the same time,he got into rap, and saw success down that avenue. but he continued selling drugs inorder to support his daughter, even after beginning to record his first album in 1993.the one thing that made him quit dealing was sean "puff daddy" combs forcing him to doso. mark wahlberg mark wahlberg wasn't always a leading man.back in his younger days, he was quite the hellraiser, to put it lightly. he committedviolent assaults, did drugs, and sold them, too. his mayhem came to an end when he wasarrested and jailed. "what? no!"
though he only served a 45-day stint, he knewhe had to change his life, and he did. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtubechannel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. and leave us a comment to letus know which celebs should've made the list.

sports car hire uk

okay, i'm joined now by richard biddulph and richard has quite an amazing and stunning collection of cars here today richard can you te...