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long term car hire uk

[whoosh] here at consumerreports, car reliability is just as importantas our testing. even if a car doeswell on our road test, we won't recommend itunless it's reliable.

long term car hire uk

long term car hire uk, that's why we surveyour subscribers to find out about theirexperiences with their cars. our 2015 annual surveyprovided a detailed look at more than 740,000 vehicles.

and when we crunchedall that data, lexus and toyota camein first and second as the most reliable brandsfor the second year in a row. audi continued its impressiverun of continuous improvement, finishing number threeamong all brands. you may also want toconsider a subaru, kia, or mazda, all of which scoredbetter than honda in the brand rankings. both honda and itsacura luxury brand

suffered in this year's survey. honda models with thenew continuously variable transmissions or cvtswere troublesome. acura was hit witha double whammy. it experienced problems withthe eight-speed dual clutch and nine-speedautomatic transmissions in newer vehicles, as well asheadaches with its acuralink infotainment system. similarly, both nissan andinfiniti, its luxury division,

had models plaguedwith problems. nissan uses cvts inmost of their vehicles, but the new one in someredesigned products have been particularlytroublesome. infiniti continues toexperience woes with its intouch but what about domestic brands? once again, thanks to itsoverall good reliability, buick ranks among the top 10. but the good news endsthere for the big three.

the rest of the domesticsfinished in the bottom half of the rankings. while ford movedup in the standings among the worstperformers, it continues to have issues with its powershift six-speed automatic. general motors fared even worse. gmc, chevrolet, and cadillacoccupy the bottom one third of our manufacturer rankings. cadillac's cueinfotainment system

continues to beparticularly troublesome. at fiat chrysler automobiles,the struggles continue. it produced five ofthe worst seven brands, with ram, jeep, andfiat the bottom three among our subscribers. in fact, no fiat,jeep, or ram model even managed an average score. the biggest headachefor fiat chrysler came from transmission problems.

jeeps with the newnine-speed automatic and both dodge and fiat vehiclesusing the six-speed dual clutch automatics had lowreliability scores. outside of audi, the europeanmanufacturers were a mixed bag. mini, bmw, volkswagen,and porsche finished in the middle onethird, ahead of the domestics. but mercedes benzstruggled, coming in just ahead of the problematicfiat chrysler brands. as for tesla, wereceived 1,400 responses

from model s owners whotold us their cars aren't very reliable. with that news, the electriccar company dropped from average to below average. for more details from the 2015annual auto survey check out consumerreports.org/reliability.

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