Senin, 02 Oktober 2017

car hire la linea

we are djay gear. we are specialised in everything a dj needs, really and we keep on growing together with the market. we are hoevenaars - light, audio, video. we provide technical equipment for both business and public events.

car hire la linea

car hire la linea, we like to say, many companies work until it̢۪s time, we work until everything is done. i think that describes our industry well. when we were smaller, we tried to manage everything with a gmail calendar. and then, well at a certain point it became impossible to handle.

we are working with such big amounts we simply needed a serious software to manage everything. we used a different system before but it was outdated, really. rentman is just modern, it is intuitive and easy to use. with rentman it is easy to plan crew and transport on a project, it connects all together so it becomes a complete picture. this way we have a complete project with all of our equipment and resources as we call our crew and transport planning. it is easy to combine it all for an event. the crew planner gives an overview, making it easy to see where crew members are. also if planned times are correct and if the crew gets enough rest between jobs. you see this all at a single screen!

well, i used to be limited to what computer i could use now i can be at a festival, create quotations, sent invoices, i can do anything! so, if i get a phone call when i am on location i can use my phone, laptop or anything that is available this means that my crew on location, project managers, at the event location or wherever, can see what is going on in their projects and in the projects of others. as soon as we have an equipment shortage, the item is marked red and the timeline shows a red line. so, if we subrent these items we can enter the supplier, the transport times and costs. it is just easy to enter everything quickly!

scanning items in rentman just works super smoothly! because we have a lot of similar items, like cd players, in big quantities, we know exactly which cd player is at what event. also because we started working with the app on location more. we know if an item is already packed and loaded or not and if we need to go and search for it. if an item isn't in a good state we directly mark it with the app instead of being surprised when we unpack it on monday or tuesday. also, other software for small and medium sized companies have way too high startup costs. as a mid-sized company you can easily get to tens of thousands of implementation costs. with rentman it is different with a monthly fee and no startup costs.

starting is way easier. the best thing about rentman is that you see all the information in a single screen. from crew planning, invoices…. equipment, vehicles to warehousing. so all information can be found quickly in the logical place. yes, for us it works perfectly.

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