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car hire calgary airport

plan, ground breaking will begin next year, and completed 2020. pat: to a ci cbs2 investigation, david goldstein follows up. our producer went under cover

car hire calgary airport

car hire calgary airport, at dollar car rental at lax this week, the dollar agent is talking about a loss, damage waiver an insurance supplement

often covered by your own car insurance, they don't initially mention. i have insurance. agent continues to push the ldw . if you have your own insurance, we recommend this one in there is damage in the car.

wouldn't my insurance cover that. we don't know. reporter: a sales pitch similar to last november. if anything happens to the car. reporter: our producer declines. no, i think my insurance

covers it. reporter: this time agent says what the state requires that ldw may duplicate her own insurance. you are accepting to be responsible. reporter: only after our producer said no to the

insurance subam. too late says attorney and consumer advocate. she made a decision, to tell you what the law requires, after the decision in the transaction was over. reporter: the law mandates that information be disclosed on a

sign, dollar's interpretation this sign with very tiny print. do they provide magnifying glasses. reporter: a class-action lawsuit filed in california alleges for last 5 years dollar has been ignoring the law to victimize consumers, resulting in a loss

of millions in fees, judging by complains on yelp, it seems be as usual since our november report, 723 in new charges for attract insurance, 58 worth of insurance for a all right 40 rental, michelle, rented from dollar when her family went to san francisco for christmas.

i told her i do not want to. reporter: the unpleasant surprise was waiting for her after she opened her e-mail receipt, a $125 charge for the supplemental insurance. do you am they pull a fast one over on you. yes, no one discussed the

fact they added that once after i told them i did not want it. reporter: they say we continue to comply with all state laws and retrained our california employees, on the ldwp disclosure policy, and fact that the coverage may be duplicative of your insurance is disclosed

in our rental agreement, and signage. she was determined to get her money back, when calling dollar did not work she filed a complaint with better be bureau. within a week they had a regular. reporter: dollar has been issues

refunds to customers who file complains with the bbb, that is no coincidence. a spotlight on people, people try to act properly. reporter: "cbs2 news." pat: if you were charged for insurance that you did not ask

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