Jumat, 22 September 2017

car hire dubrovnik airport

i've just arrived at toulouse airport andi am going to head into town now. i've just got off the tram from the airportand i am going to change to the arenes metro line towards the city center of toulouse. and i am going to go on a weekend trip fromtoulouse to the south of france to discover the waterfalls in themountains there.

car hire dubrovnik airport

car hire dubrovnik airport, i've just picked up my car from europcar andi'll be dropping off this car in a couple of day. walking around here is quite a nice experiencebecause we are only about an hour and a half away from the cave of grotte de niaouxwhich is one of the oldest cave paintaings

in europe. those people were the hunters and gatherersof their time about 28,000 years ago. and this is the same sort of area as we areonly about an hour away from the cave. june is the best time to visit the waterfallsbecause all the snow melts at the top of the mountains. so basically, there is a river here in thevalley and anybody that wanted to go south towards spain,had to cross here and pay the toll to the owner of the castle, who was at one time theking of france.

this is the end of a two day short road triptaking the back roads of southern france. we are now returning the car to europcar atthe railway station. alright, well like i said on the motorwaywe just dropping the car off - thankfully we got here without a scratch andi am just going to drop the keys off.

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