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and delta will provide hundreds of people wearing bright green fest to guide you to the right place. pat: is home burglaries spike

car hire anaheim

car hire anaheim, across southern california more people are buying do-it-yourself security systems. jeff.

jeff: could these high-tech devices open you up to be a target? reporter: we asked the question about how secure is your home security system and how smart is it to use your smartphone to monitor that quickly seems more more people are buying into the

convenience of having one connected to your smartphone. two on your site has learned do-it-yourself mistakes are letting these into your home. from plea to presley to minaj inmarsat high-profile homes are being hit all across southern california.

while it's a to grab the headlines, they are not the only ones being targeted. last year home burglaries spike across the region so the question to protect your house? most important step in

securing your home is understanding that your home needs to be secured. plug-and-play systems like nest or ring. knowing which system is right for you can be harder than you think. when you are an evaluating

your home security step one is to assess your family or your environment and don't go too big big and don't look too small. one mistake many home and nurse are making trying to do it yourself. when you buy from a big box store the products are not

terrell products but the technical expertise with installing it. you have t. learn how to use before you buy it or hire somebody else. tarzana's ross staley said securing his home was a no-brainer.

if multiple systems professionally install pretty said being able to access the system through this phone is a huge part. i have had people do installations in the house as a text me when you are leaving. he warns if you are not careful

with the convenience and can lead to a breach. having any security system connected to your phone has a risk. my recommendation for my clients is to have a strong passport -- password for your phone. the same goes for the way that

you save those video recordings. all systems come with the choice of alert club storage. if you stored in the cloud you could be leaving the door open. do your homework and find out what's going to work the best for you because at the end of the day you need to remember

what you are protecting. knowing the family goes to sleep at night and is not to think any type of security brief. i learned a lot doing this story. he says while the different devices and technologies available can help with your

security they don't necessarily replace the old school insurance like good locks, good windows and doors. if you have a story idea e-mail to on your side is cbs.com with your problem or social media gives the #two on your side. we will see what you can do for

you and we will try to help you

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