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car hire uk under 25

but we can expected to climb even higher. last night was the 34th consecutive drawing without a winner.

car hire uk under 25

car hire uk under 25, the united states marshals service is about to auction off exotic vehicles. as walter shows us, if

you're interested you better have deep pockets. rolls-royce, bentley, some of those high-end vehicles. we had 10 on display. if you added it up, it's $3.9 million. all of them seized by the government.

nine of them in a money laundering case. in 2014, he was convicted of one count of conspiracy and 13 counts of money laundering and sent -- sentenced to 150 years. they say he used cocaine many to purchase pricey waterfront condos.

all of these are seized. i hope this message, is that at the end of the day crime does not pay. you might have been drawing -- driving that a year ago but today you are in jail. and you have to be told when to go to you, and went to sleep.

this ferrari is all ready receiving a hefty bid it's currently at $1.9 million. this black bugatti, a 2006 red ferrari, 2009 50 7f may balk . and a 2010 range rover, 2014 rolls-royce, and 2011 bentley gt c. you can find the auction online. closing bids will be

captured on screen high above for everyone to see as the auction wraps up at 11 am. that jumbotron overlooks the entire area with all of the action will be taking place. just to give you an idea of how were these are. there are only 7500 made over

the last 100 years and only 2000 exist today. over here, the ferrari 400 of these are made. this is number 399 of the 400.

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