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joe: nearly a year after a road rage incident led to a stabbing on the h-1 freeway, khon2 has

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budget car rental las vegas nv, suspect mark char faces three counts of attempted murder. his attorney says the edited video is from char's dash cam.

but he says he doesn't know why or how it was sent to our newsroom. the attorney says char does not have access to the video because he's been in custody. manolo morales follows up. manolo?

manolo: again this video was edited, it does not show the entire encounter. so why is it office tell me that they're not sure where this video came from. so we wanted to

know if can even be submitted as evidence. mark char is accused of stabbing deion anunciacion and his friend jesther marlang during a road rage incident on the freeway in august. a third man who intervened was also says the edited video sent to

us is from char's car during that incident and the white car is the one driven by marlang straight to two men fighting the video. shawn luiz, mark char's he didn't give me any information as a result." manolo: "so he didn't know where

it came from either?" asked if it was sent by char's wife. manolo: "you talked to her also attorney: "i asked her if she knows who forwarded the information and she didn't know." we asked the prosecutor's office

and a spokesman tells me prosecutors don't know what this video is. we asked judge would never allow it. ken lawson, uh law school the video it has been preserved it hasn't been tampered with and obviously this has been tampered with."

lawson adds that this could ultimately hurt the defense attorney's case. prosecutor with good witnesses could really cause a tells me he would like to get a hold of the entire unedited video and present it as char is scheduled to go n trial

in october news.

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