Sabtu, 16 September 2017

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u.s. 192. sky witness 9 is on the way to the scene right now. that is a live look at the turnpike in osceola county.

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alamo car hire orlando, the passenger tram at oia got back up and running after breaking down again. it was down for more than

two hours today. samantha manning is at the airport now for us. this started with a simple power outage? reporter: in the last 35 minutes, officials at oia said the tram service have been restored.

we are sitting on the top level of the parking garage. from where we are standing we have been able to see those trams going back and forth as they are now back up and running. we did have a photographer, inside the airports, earlier by

the security checkpoint. he did not see any passenger backup or any obvious issues because of this outage. the power outage was reported around 1 p.m. this afternoon. buses were used to transport passengers.

the airport is undergoing a multimillion dollar renovation which does include new trams. we told you about the trams, at this airport, shutting down four times this year. we are working to get more information. i have asked oia whether they

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