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car rental zurich airport switzerland

today i'm going to take you guys to thecreepiest place in switzerland the hr giger museum luckily my mom decided tojoin me on this adventure since gruyeres is nowhere near an airport we had to rent a car in geneva mom: mini cooper? my favorite car! so i start the engine like that, let's get some music in this son of a b****

car rental zurich airport switzerland

car rental zurich airport switzerland, the road trip was 1 hour and 20 minutes.we decided to have a quick pit stop in lausanne. which has probably the mostgorgeous waterfront in switzerland. after our coffee break in lausanne wedrove through montreux to visit chilon castle. which you can watch in my previousepisode.

as you can see it's almost swiss national day so the whole castle has been decorated with swiss flags. our last pit stop was in broc, where wevisited the famous swiss chocolate factory, cailler. to stack up on odd flavored chocolate bars. one of the oldest and luxury brands of chocolate in switzerland. i have never seen it so busy at a tourist attraction, people must lovetheir chocolate. oh my god, that is some good chocolate! all hell broke loose before we even entered gruyeres. we were faced with heavyrainstorms while climbing the steep stairways towards the tiny medievalvillage. so we made it to gruyeres, it was a

disaster to get up here we just surviveda major thunderstorm. now you may have heard of gruyeres for its popular swiss cheese but i specifically came here to watch the entire art collection of hrgiger, a swiss surrealist painter and brilliant artist who designed theoriginal deep space creature for one of my favorite movies of all time: alien which was released in 1979 and directed by ridley scott. his art can be best described as bio-mechanical and features one of the creepiest and most disturbingworks i've ever seen in my entire life if you're not familiar with hr giger's work, go watch the entire alien franchise

including my favorites; alien, aliens, alien3 and prometheus. admission to the hr giger museum is 12.50 swiss francs, next to the giger museum you will find the giger bar which wasalso fully designed by hr giger. check out these chairs, amazing design. this guy was a true artist. unbelievable! it has been my wish for many years to visit this place and finally i made this dream come true. if you're ever in switzerland it'sdefinitely worth the road trip. we ended our switzerland adventure in basel where my mom and i parted ways and i headed to paris for another adventure butbefore i do here are some of my final facts about switzerland. first: the swisshave the longest life expectancy in the

world after japan which is quiteinteresting because second the swiss eat more chocolate has been any other nation in the world 11.3 kilograms per year. now if you're also planning a trip to the hr giger museum than head over to my website for insider tips on how to get to gruyeres, since the place is very hard to getto. our last beer in basel... thanks mom. mom: goodbye son.

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