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just like everyone else, stars have skeletonsin their closets. and when you're young and struggling, it can be hard to make ends meetunless you pursue someĆ¢€¦extra-legal means. here's a list of some celebs who have solddrugs. but don't judge too harshly. idris elba in 2013, elba told gq magazine that he usedto push bags of weed while working as a doorman

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car dealerships hiring near me www.nissan360.com, at caroline's in new york city. he was ableto draw from his experience while portraying the drug dealer stringer bell on hbo's thewire. now that's method acting. 50 cent growing up in queens, 50 cent began sellingcrack and cocaine at the age of 12. he got
busted several times, but it wasn't untilhe sold cocaine to an undercover cop in 1994 that he faced serious jail timeĆ¢€”three tonine years. instead of prison, he went to a boot camp where he earned his ged. thatput him on the path to becoming one of the most successful rappers of all time. but notone of the best pitchers. "and his first pitch was not great. just abit outside." kid rock according to rolling stone, the rocker occasionallysold drugs as a teenager. but according to other sources, a gang in his michigan hometownforced him to do so out of the car wash where he worked. either way, his passion in lifewas always music, and he managed to get away
from dealing. jay z rapper jay z, who grew up in marcy projects,brooklyn, began dealing drugs to make ends meet after his father walked out on him andhis mother. it was during that time dealing that jay z learned the entrepreneurial skillshe still uses today as a club owner, clothing manufacturer, and sports agent. snoop dogg with what we know about snoop dogg's relationshipwith marijuana, it'd be more surprising to find out that he never sold drugs. but snoopdid he was attending long beach polytechnic
high school. he even had some celebrity clientele. "but i remember him. he was very tall andskinny, wore lots of ponytails on his head, and i'm pretty sure i bought weed off of him." "yeah!" when asked about it during his appearanceon lopez tonight, snoop dogg said: "i might have sold her some of that whitegirl weed." "what's that? what's white girl weed?" "you know, sticks and stems and seeds." "like medical oregano?"
tim allen tim allen began selling drugs during collegeand continued to do so until his arrest for bringing about a pound-and-a-half of cocaineinto the kalamazoo/battle creek airport in october 1978. allen's trial was set for thatfollowing november, and it was during that one-month waiting period that allen decidedto give comedy a try, debuting at the detroit comedy castle. allen wound up serving a littleover two years in federal prison, and upon his release, he went full-tilt into comedy. notorious b.i.g. biggie smalls began selling drugs at the ageof 12, and dropped out of school at 17 to
pursue crime full-time. at the same time,he got into rap, and saw success down that avenue. but he continued selling drugs inorder to support his daughter, even after beginning to record his first album in 1993.the one thing that made him quit dealing was sean "puff daddy" combs forcing him to doso. mark wahlberg mark wahlberg wasn't always a leading man.back in his younger days, he was quite the hellraiser, to put it lightly. he committedviolent assaults, did drugs, and sold them, too. his mayhem came to an end when he wasarrested and jailed. "what? no!"
though he only served a 45-day stint, he knewhe had to change his life, and he did. thanks for watching! subscribe to our youtubechannel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. and leave us a comment to letus know which celebs should've made the list.

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