Senin, 09 Oktober 2017

car hire uk to europe and back

5:10 pm and we got a ride after one hour waiting... in the country side... with a motorhome! and they are going to germany! this is so cool! it's my first time picked up by a motorhome! and now we're crossing the bridge.

car hire uk to europe and back

car hire uk to europe and back, [ida] we are on a kind of hitchhiking competition that started today.. and we are 20 people attending to this competition. and everyday we get a list of tasks with things that we should do.. then you can choose some of them and then in the end we all meet in the evening.

[leo] this is my hitchhiking buddy! [man] have you been waiting there for half an hour? [leo] for one hour! [ida] but it's ok. because it was not a so nice spot for hitchhiking. [ida] there was not so many cars passing. i've just checked here that app that i told you about.. [ida] yeah.. [leo] and it says we've been waiting for 1 hour. or 58 minutes. [ida] 58? ok!

and 20 minutes ago we thought we were there already for 1 hour. it felt longer, right? [ida] did you take the picture it says here? [leo] what? [leo] with an "autocamp"? oh, this one! so we'll make another one. [ida] did you take one with your cell phone? [leo] yes, i took one. [leo] i took one of you talking to him. we can see it. now i just made this sign here because it was taking longer for us..

one hour... [leo] for the other ones it took something like 20 minutes. right? we took 3 rides today and all of them taking 20 minutes in average. (??) [leo] say hi! hi, hi! [leo] do you understand any portuguese? a little bit maybe? no??

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