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car rental bali airport

bangkok, thailand. bkk and dmkinternational arrival, and transportation to city. the main airport forinternational flights is suvarnabhumi airport also known as new bangkokinternational airport or bkk. the second airport is don mueang or dmk. mostinternational flights will land in bkk and most discount international airlinessuch as air asia, scoot, and malindo will

car rental bali airport

car rental bali airport, land at don mueang, terminal 1. bkk and dmk airports are about 25kilometers from central bangkok and 30 kilometers apart from each other. there is a free shuttle between the two airports for ticketed passengers makingtransfers. at both airports after

disembarking your plane, follow the signs for arrivals, immigration,and baggage claim. most signs are in english and in thai. once you arrive atpassport control or immigration, line up patiently. the lines can be especiallylong at dmk, be patient and polite. take the time to fill out your arrivaldocuments. present your passport, visa if needed, and arrival document to theimmigration officer at the counter when it becomes your turn. pick up your bags and clear customs. the fastest and most convenient way frombkk airport to bangkok city is to take

the airport rail link which is on floor b. it takes about 30 minutes and stops at six stations with the last station atphaya thai bts station (n2) tickets cost between 15 and 45 bahtdepending on your stop. the most convenient way from dmk airport to thecity is to follow the orange line out of the arrival hall, take the a 1 bus. youcan purchase tickets on the bus exit the bus at mo chit bts skytrain station andthen transfer from there to another bts mrt (subway) or taxi to your destination. make sure to have small change in bhat.if you have lots of luggage and more than three people, pre-arrange a rental carwith driver online, or through

travel agent, or at the airport limousine, taxi, or car rental counter. make sure any taxi that you get on uses a meter! happy travels. go to hipfig.com formore information or go to our hipfig travel channel on youtube and be sure tosubscribe for regular updates

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