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first at noon, a masseur is facing charges of inappropriately touching a teen during a massage. cbs 4 you 4 joan murray joins

car hire fort lauderdale

car hire fort lauderdale, us with the latest. reporter: this happened at this massage business located at griffin and university.

now, police tell me, the man under arrest, his name is orlay palascio, 29 years old and they say he actually is the owner of this business. and he was arrested last night. and now, here is a picture of him. he is currently in the broward

county jail. charged with one count of lewd and lascivious behavior. on a minor. according to police, the 17- year-old and her cousin bought a groupon ticket to come here to get a massage. this happened last week.

and they say when they got here, they were told palacio was the only therapist available. the 17-year-old went in, and they say that he touched her inappropriately and they believe because of the groupon practice, that many people buy

these groupon tickets for discounts, that they believe there are many more victims that could be out there. the next morning, the victim came with some family members to report this incident to the police. the reason why there was a

delay in it because she a young girl, 17 years old, and you know, frightened, and not really knowing or maybe fully understanding what had occurred. reporter: now, again, palacio is in the broward he is scheduled for a court

appearance this afternoon. currently, he has no bond. we will let you know what happens in court this afternoon. and we will have the latest

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